Portable Gas Detector

SENKO Helps to Keep you in safe

SENKO has developed a portable gas detector that can prevent gas accidents in industrial field. Now SENKO is exporting their portable gas detectors to more than 40 countries.
SENKO is the only manufacturer of portable gas detectors with certified international explosion-proof certification in Korea. SENKO have obtained product certifications required in international markets such as International IECEx, ATEX in Europe, CSA in Canada, UL in USA and IMMETRO in South America.

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Fixed Gas Detector

World class gas safety instrument

SENKO develops and manufactures explosion-proof / non-explosion-proof fixed type gas detectors that detect gas leaks at various industrial sites and can alert them promptly to prevent gas accident.
SENKO fixed gas detector has been used in various industrial factories such as steel making, chemical, shipbuilding, etc., and It has global IECEx and ATEX explosion-proof certification. SENKO constantly develop and supply products that can be installed according to the structure and systems of various industrial sites.

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Controller & system

Design & Upgrade your Gas monitoring system

SENKO manufactures various types of controllers that receive alarm signals from fixed gas detectors. SENKO provide SENKO GMS(Gas Monitoring System) that collects the signals of all fixed gas detectors installed in the factory and manages them.
Professional SENKO engineers are ready to visits customer to help design a complete gas monitoring system.

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Useful Gas Instruments

SENKO manufactures Breath smoking detector (BMC-2000) to detect the presence of smoking and poisoning through the detection of carbon monoxide gas in the exhalation using a gas sensor, and supplies useful products such as VOC detector from global partners to Korea market

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(주)센코, 2023 인터베터리 전시회 참여
센코, 英 크로우콘과 40억 규모 단일품목 수출계약 체결
센코, 영국에 30억 규모 가스안전기기 수출
  • Model # SI-200IS
    FND 수신반(센서 일체형)
    SI-200IS 는 대형 F.N.D 로 가스 농도를 표시하는 센서 일체형 수신부 입니다.

  • Model # SGT-P
    휴대용 단일가스감지기
    SGT-P는 배터리 및 센서 교체 type 의 휴대용 단일가스감지기로서, 산소결핍이나 유독가스로부터

  • Model # SI-200I
    FND 수신반(Monitoring Panel)
    SI-200I 는 대형 F.N.D 로 가스 농도를 표시하는 Monitoring Panel 입니다.

  • Model # TITAN
    고정식 벤젠 측정기
    TITAN은 작업환경과 작업자의 안전을 위하여 설계된 최초의 벤젠 전용 고정식 측정기 입니다. 연속적이며 실시간으로 벤젠가스를 모니터링 할 수 있습니다.

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