Odor & Dust Monitor

SENKO, Challenges the rapidly changing environmental market

Korea's sole electric and chemical sensor technology.
Air pollution emission facilities can be monitored for odor materials(H2S, NH3, VOCs), and fine dust(PM2.5, 10).
Data can be secured by applying IoT wireless communication technology.
The accumulated environmental effective data can be predicted real-time through algorithms.

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Monitoring Systems

SENKO, Application of scientific measurement analysis

Pollution factors can be analyzed from sources of odor.
The instrument can be operated by moving odor materials, wind direction, wind speed, temperature and humidity in the atmosphere. The results can be obtained with real-time data.
It is a system that can be used as a solution considering the instantaneous and local nature of odor.

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Optional Items

SENKO, IoT, Cloud, Big-Data, Artificial intelligence, Mobile, Security

Apply the latest ICBAMS (IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile, Security) technology to environmental integration systems.
Real-time connectivity and sharing of vast amounts of information from infrastructure, administration, and civil communities that make up urban environments.

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SENKO, Applying technology applications to other integrated industry groups

A monitoring system applicable to various environmental industrial groups (air, water quality, noise, hazardous gas, etc.) can be developed and distributed.
The environmental monitoring system of various industrial groups provides significant result values through the process of linking the data, etc. Can be used as data base for environmental indicators

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